Wearable Performance Trackers Hit Amateur Athletics

Catapult Sports, a leader in sports performance analytics, has introduced team (non-pro) and consumer versions of its PLAYERTEK wearable tracking device; enabling amateur athletes to track and measure (distance covered, ground covered, speed etc.) their efforts during competition. Designed to help athletes improve performance, PLAYERTEK consists of a light-weight vest (worn on the upper back), a tracking “pod” with built in GPS technology and a series of smart sensors, and an IOS application offering analytics software. The team version is used by semi-pro football, lacrosse and soccer programs, while the consumer version is meant for amateur competitive soccer and football players.

Howie Long-Short: Catapult Sports, publicly traded on the ASX under the symbol CAT, acquired PLAYERTEK in July for $3.49 million. On the same day, the company announced it had acquired XOS Digital (coaching, video technology) for $80.1 million. Catapult has a large client base within the professional ranks (i.e. AC Milan, New York Giants, Philadelphia Flyers), so acquiring PLAYERTEK gives the company a product (and presence) it can sell to amateur athletes. Full-year ’17 revenue was up 249% YOY (to $60.8 million), but the company still posted $13.6 million in losses. The share price is down 41% YTD.

Fan Marino: Functionality includes the ability to compare your results with others competing within the same game. While it sounds like a tremendous motivator, no one wants to finish last (particularly, if there is indisputable factual data proving it). As a self-admitted practice loafer, I’m thankful the technology did not exist when I was in youth sports. Those that want to push themselves can buy the tracking pod now for $199 (regularly $229); the vest is an additional $35.


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