STOX, an Ethereum-based platform that enables users to predict the outcome of a variety of events, has acquired CommoLogic for their valuable gambling licenses; becoming the first regulated ICO prediction marketplace. As the focal point of the acquisition, STOX will take possession of CommoLogic’s U.K. software gaming license, U.K. operating gaming license and a Class 4 B2B license for Malta. The STOX team believes that the licenses will be needed to legally operate “in the near future” and by having them now, the company can focus on developing its platform as opposed to the licensing process. Financial terms of the deal were not released.

Howie Long-Short: STOX now maintains a meaningful differentiator from its 2 main competitors, Augur and Gnosis. However, despite the licenses, the company is worth far less than its rivals. STOX has a market cap of just $21 million, while Augur and Gnosis are worth $195 million and $114 million respectively.

Fan Marino: STOX acquired these licenses under the presumption that at some point cryptocurrency will be regulated. That sounds logical, as it would seem unlikely the ICO market could sustain itself long-term without regulation. I would place my coins on crypto regulation occurring sooner than later.

Stox Acquires CommoLogic and Its Gambling Licenses to Become Fully Regulated

Author: John Wall Street

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