President Trump has blurred the lines between sports and politics and lost some high-profile hotel guests in the process. At least 17 teams (out of 123 in NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL) had stayed at Trump owned properties in the years leading up to the start of his Presidential campaign; 16 of which no longer do. The New York Post reach out to all 123 American pro sports franchises, 105 responded to their inquiry; 0 would confirm its players currently stay at Trump properties, though most declined comment as to why they were going elsewhere. Warriors Coach Steve Kerr explained why Golden State chose to make a change saying “he continually offends people, and so people don’t want to stay at his hotel.”

Howie Long-Short: NBA teams pay roughly $20,000/night for rooms and food. If you figure each of the 11 teams that no longer stay at the Trump SoHo, came to NYC an average of 3x/year (to play Knicks and Nets; some Eastern Conference, some Western Conference), that property alone has lost $660,000/year in revenue. 

Fan Marino: More than 1/3 (12 teams) of the NBA stayed at the Trump SoHo, as recently as 2010 (1 remains); with stars like Russell Westbrook raving about the property in the press. Losing their business isn’t just costing Trump revenue, he’s losing free advertising from valuable social media influencers. According to Opendorse, an online platform that connects brands with athletes, a single Russell Westbrook (5 million followers) tweet is worth a minimum of $20-$30K. Westbrook came in at #30 on their 2016 Top 100 highest-paid athlete endorser list.

Most pro sports teams have stopped staying at Trump hotels


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