Early Entrants: Vol. V – Red Bulls Closing in on U.S.’ 1st Arena Naming Rights Agreement with Gaming Operator

Red Bulls

Red Bulls Closing in on U.S.’ 1st Arena Naming Rights Agreement with Gaming Operator

Rumors indicate that MLS’ New York Red Bulls are closing in on a stadium naming rights agreement with a licensed gaming company – a deal would make NYRB the U.S.’ 1st pro sports team to sign a naming rights pact with a sports betting operator. Sources tell JohnWallStreet that it is Caesars Entertaiment Corporation exploring the possibility of putting their name on Harrison’s Red Bull Arena. We’re being told that the MLS club is seeking upwards of $8 million/season – for a period as long as 10 years. Caesars is also said to be the company Commissioner Don Garber was referring to when he said the league is “close to a major league-wide sponsorship.”

NASCAR On Deck to Sign League-Wide Sports Betting Sponsorship Pact

Speaking of league-wide sports betting sponsorship agreements, rumblings indicate that NASCAR will be the next U.S. pro sports organization to sign one. Considering that the racing circuit has venues in 3/8 states currently licensed (NV, DE, PA) – more than any of the big 4 pro sports leagues – and that it inked a deal with Sportradar to monitor betting during races, it’s only logical the next step will be to sell its official data. Remember, NASCAR is also particularly attractive from a handle perspective – 41 cars start the race; there are countless outcomes to bet on.

Talk of NFL Loaning Players to AAF Premature

AAF co-founder Bill Polian stated this week that “talk is ramping up” as it relates to NFL teams loaning players to the start-up developmental league. Sounds logical enough, but it’s certainly news to our sources – we’ve been unable to find any indication that the NFL is seriously looking at the possibility. It’s not that the league wouldn’t be (or isn’t) interested in getting young players reps, it’s just that they’re going to take a “wait and see” approach before making any commitments; as one source said, the AAF will be “lucky to squeak through the end of this season.” There’s also no evidence that the NFLPA would even consider such an arrangement.

StubHub’s On Location Experience Acquisition Shelved

There have been rumors for months that StubHub was interested in buying On Location Experiences, the NFL’s official hospitality partner. Any discussions that may have occurred though, have likely been shelved at this point as eBay explores the sale or spinoff of the ticket resale site. If it’s the ladder, certainly don’t expect StubHub to close on OLE before its IPO; the company wouldn’t want to take on that kind of debt.

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