The NFL’s 4 main broadcast partners: ESPN (DIS), NBC (CMCSA), CBS & FOX (FOXA), are bracing for a fall in advertising revenues for games during the 2017 season. A decline in TV ratings, the recent switch of advertisers from traditional TV to online media, the overabundance of games being shown on television and drastic spending cuts by the drug and auto companies, are all contributing to the poor ad performance. Even with an increase in price of spots for the 2017 season, total ad revenues are trending a few points below the 2016 season.


ESPN, Broadcasters Are Said to Confront Football Ad Slump

Fan Marino says: No one needs 9 hours of football on a Sunday, eliminate SNF. The short week kills the quality of play, eliminate TNF. No Saturday Games. 2 games on Sunday, 1 on Monday.  Boom!  Problem solved.

Howie Long-Short opines: Way too early to call a trend here r.e. ratings. Lot of horrible games last year, plus that whole election thing. For broadcasters like CBS and FOX, sports are still their safest bet for viewership. But with their over-reliance on advertising, an economic slowdown is the bigger risk.

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