Take Two Interactive (TTWO) has introduced Neighborhood, a new virtual game mode never seen in a sports video game, for NBA 2K18. Neighborhood enables game players to take command of their virtual character (MyPlayer) and bring it in to the “real world”, experiencing everything from haircuts to gym workouts. The Neighborhoods system will work seamlessly with MyCareer, MyPark, and Pro-Am modes; giving the game player the ability to improve their MyPlayer. NBA2K 18 is scheduled to be released on September 19th for Windows PC, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PS3, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Howie Long-Short: TTWO increased earnings 36% for Q1 ’18, despite not releasing a single new game. Perhaps even more impressively, recurrent consumer spending was up 71% YOY. Recurrent Consumer spending, a term used to describe in-game sales made after the initial purchase, made up half the company’s digital net sales for the quarter.

Fan Marino: We now live in a world where people send their MyPlayer to the gym, but don’t workout themselves. What a time to be alive!

NBA 2K18 Introduces A Brand New Experience Called ‘Neighborhood’

Author: John Wall Street

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