MLS turned down a mind boggling offer worth $4 Billion over 10 years for the league’s media rights, because the deal was contingent upon the league implementing a promotion/relegation system. The offer from global media company MP & Silva (601788.SS, 300431.SZ), which would have quadrupled the league’s media rights fees, required the league to send its worst teams to the NASL, to be replaced the following season by the top teams from the NASL. That contingency is a non-starter for MLS, which is evaluating 4 expansion franchises, each willing to pay $150 Million under the current model. It is worth noting that MP & Silva co-founder Riccardo Silva is a co-owner of the NASL’s Miami FC and would stand to benefit greatly from a promotion to MLS.


MLS rebuffs rich offer tied to relegation

Howie Long-Short opines: Not surprising that owners want to protect their franchise value. Wouldn’t be enough to get me to tune in, though.

Fan Marino says: If MLS were to adopt promotion/relegation, the league would reach NFL level success, in this country. Think conference realignment, EVERY SEASON.

Author: John Wall Street

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