MiLB Remains Strong Value Proposition


The diminutive costs (tickets, parking, food, beverages) associated with MiLB relative to its major-league counterpart, make attending a game at a minor league park a strong value proposition. While a ’16 GoBankingRates study (i.e. prices have likely increased) indicated that it would cost $77.92 for a couple to take in a major-league game, a family of four was able to attend a MiLB game for just $66.17 during the summer of 2017; a couple could do it for just $33.66. The affordable nature of the games isn’t the only reason to attend, a SBJ survey voted on by the fans indicated that MiLB was the league with the “most family friendly game/event experience.”

Howie Long-Short: MiLB intends on drawing 50 million fans by 2026, a 19.6% increase from the 41.9 million that attended in 2017. That doesn’t seem likely. The league increased attendance 1.1% in ’17, the largest growth rate in American pro sports (ignoring MLS expansion teams). Even if they doubled that figure to 2.2% (which doesn’t seem feasible), they would close the 2026 season with 49,867,913 fans passing through the gates; still shy (if just barely) of their 50 million target. For informational purposes, MiLB has an average ticket price of $10.00 and fans spend $12.00/game on food and beverages.

Fan Marino: MiLB has announced the creation of the “Copa de la Diversion” (aka “Fun Cup”), a 33 team, 165 game, season long series (debuts April 8) designed to embrace Hispanic culture and values. Each of the participating teams will take on Spanish language identities (check out these logos), integrating Spanish P.A. announcements and concession menus at participating games; as they compete for the 3 foot “Copa de la Diversion” trophy. The program was successful during a 4-team pilot last season; the Las Vegas 51’s drew an additional 1,200 fans/game when playing under the assumed Reyes de Plata moniker. MiLB expects Copa de la Diversion to increase attendance by 100,000 fans and to generate $3 million in 2018 revenue across the 33 participating clubs.

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