Formula One Undergoes Rebrand

Formula One (FWONK) is undergoing a corporate rebrand for the first time since 1993. The company is replacing its iconic “flying one” logo (see Fan Marino below) with a simplified version. The balance of the company rebrand will occur in March 2018, prior to opener in Australia, and will include; new graphics and production elements for the world feed, a new web platform and both live and on-demand OTT services. All marketing and business strategy will be focused on what the fans want (according to a Flamingo study); the race, the drivers and the rivalries. Fans initial response to the logo change has not been positive.

Howie Long-Short: Want to play F1 from within the telecom sector? Tata Communications (NSE: TATACOMM), the connectivity and hosting partner of the Formula One Group; repurposes, reformats and distributes content for OTT broadcasters (including: Vice Media & Red Bull Media House). TATACOMM also works with 7 F1 teams (including: Mercedes) on remote operations and technical support (i.e. capturing data, video feeds) at the track; enabling teams to run race simulation and create pit strategy. Note: FWONK is a tracking stock. F1’s commercial rights and other assets are owned by Liberty Media Corporation.

Fan Marino: Look at this logo. What do you see? A black F and a red 1 (made up of a bunch of lines to indicate speed), right? Nope. Focus your eyes on the negative space between the black F and red 1; you’ll see a white 1. Don’t feel bad, you weren’t the only one who didn’t notice this for the last 20+ years.

Exclusive: Inside Formula One’s Rebranding Strategy

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