Smart enough not to spend $100 on Mayweather/McGregor, but still want to watch the fight live? Fathom Events, owned by AMC Entertainment (AMC), Cinemark Holdings (CNK) and Regal Entertainment Group (RGC), will be showing the fight (and undercard) at movie theatres across the country on Saturday August 26th. The theatre broadcast will be identical to the Showtime PPV telecast (CBS). Ticket prices will vary, as they are determined by the theatre, but are expected to be roughly $40.


Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor tilt headed to movie theaters

Howie Long-Short opines: The theatre exhibitors have been talking up the potential of non-film content from time to time for ages, with minimal impact on the bottom line. Including boxing, though this one intrigues me. But without beer? I don’t know.

Fan Marino says: I’m a few years too young to remember, but in the 70s & 80s before PPV, boxing was regularly broadcast in movie theatres and arenas. I always thought that atmosphere would be more fun than watching with 3 dudes on a couch. I’m in for the $40!

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