Colleges & Universities that were once were steadfast against beer company sponsorships are now coming around on the revenue potential associated with beer sales, in stadium signage, media and licensing opportunities. Texas, which began to sell beer in 2015, reported $1.3 million in profits from beer sales during the 2016 season; so it’s no surprise that others are looking to get in on the action. 36 on-campus stadiums will sell beer during the 2017 season (with 14 more pouring at off-campus venues), while the number of school marks and intellectual property being used in beer marketing campaigns at an all-time high. There is no doubt that the change in thinking is driven by revenue potential, but school administrators maintain that controlling beer sales will keep students safe, helping to curb the binge drinking that occurs prior to and during halftime of games.

Colleges chug beer dollars

Howie Long-Short: This makes sense, though I’m surprised given the politics.

David Price/Earnings: Beer marketers’ thirst for new income streams have found a new home in the perfect spot; colleges & universities. Sounds like a slam dunk to me.

Fan Marino: I’m not sure it’s going to curb the binge drinking, but it certainly seems sensible. Why shouldn’t adults of legal age be permitted to purchase a beer at a football game?

Author: John Wall Street

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