Charter Communications (CHTR), the country’s 2nd leading cable provider (behind CMCSA), will be introducing a sports-free streaming service under its Spectrum brand. The bundle will include 25 news & entertainment channels, but NO sports channels, for just $19.95/mo. The base package does not include any ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports or CBS Sports channels.


Charter Communications testing a sports-free skinny bundle offering

Howie Long-Short opines: The break-up of the bundle continues. ESPN is a victim of their own success. Margins and subs are under pressure, though still hugely profitable. As for sports leagues, OTT could actually lead to more bidders and ever-higher value for sports rights.

Fan Marino says: ESPN is paying 4x the amount paid in 2015-2016, for NBA games through the 2024-2025 season. The 2nd leading cable provider is planning on offering a bundle without ESPN. When does the cost of programming begin to exceed the revenue generated from NBA broadcasts?

Author: John Wall Street

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